Fifteen years as a professional cricketer, including four as captain of England, have informed much of what I have done since.

I worked as a commentator for Channel 4 from retirement in 2001 until 2005, and since then have been a part of Sky Sports award-winning cricket coverage.

In 2008, after over a decade at the Sunday Telegraph, I joined the Times as its cricket correspondent and columnist. Since then I have been voted the Sports Journalist of the Year at the British Press Awards and Sports Writer of the Year by the Sports Journalists Association.

A selection of pieces on the journalism page should give you some idea of what I write about and how. A more extensive, but by no means exhaustive, selection can be found in the archive. As the Times, for whom I write, is behind a paywall, the most recent pieces (roughly those from the last six months or so) will link through its website.