Why Viv Richards is the best batsman I have seen

Can it really be? Time waits for no man but it sure as hell feels as though it ought to. Viv Richards turned sixty yesterday, moving from middle-age into, well, there is no getting around it, into old age. Not that time has been cruel to him at all- his physique puts men half his age to shame- but it is still hard to think of Richards in three-score year terms, rather than the gum-chewing, maroon-capped swaggering, gun-toting batsman of his youth.

Richards is the greatest batsman I have ever seen. There have been heavier run-scorers in recent years, better technicians, batsmen who you would bet the ranch on ahead of Viv and, with the likes Adam Gilchrist, there have even been batsmen who have been just as destructive (with helmets on). No batsman, though, embodied the spirit of dominance at Richards did, or infused each performance- and each innings was a performance- with so much significance and meaning……

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