For good or ill Dubai is the ultimate cash cash cow

Cricket was not meant for the desert. Mind you, neither was skiing, but with a 60 metre high ‘mountain’, five slopes of varying degrees of difficulty, snowboarding, tobogganing and an ice cave in a snow-themed play-pen within a monstrosity called the Mall of the Emirates, you can forget for a moment that you are in an apocalyptic vision of the future if the global warming doom-mongers are right, and imagine you are breathing the clean, sweet air of the Alps.

It is here in the Persian Gulf, amidst the sand-dunes, the palm trees, the oil wells and the indoor ski resorts, with a barely a natural blade of green grass to be seen, with the air clogged with grit and dust and exhaust fumes, and 4×4’s with blacked out windows zipping along from one unfinished roundabout to another in air-conditioned isolation, that the International Cricket Council is based…….

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