Welcome to the new dominant force at Lord’s: South Korea

Somewhere beyond the Pearly Gates a playwright is rumbling his discontent.  As a young boy during World War Two, Harold Pinter sent a fizzer to the Secretary of the MCC on hearing a rumour that Americans were going to be allowed to play baseball at Lord’s. Yesterday, the current Secretary, John  Stephenson, welcomed archery to the home of cricket, describing the Olympics as a ‘once in a lifetime opportunity’ for an organisation that increasingly sees itself as a brand to be marketed on the world stage.

Less than a year away from the big event, the Lord’s test, I’m pleased to be able to report, has gone smoothly so far. Organisers buzzed around with walky-talkies looking important and committed; fifty-eight teams of male archers, and forty-nine female, flexed their elbows, adjusted their sights, trained their clickers, kissers and notching points, acquainted themselves with the famous slope and negotiated an occasionally gusting wind. Nobody, yet, has been killed……..

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