The giant con behind our national enterprise

It would be too easy to dismiss the recently expressed views of Jamie Carragher, the Liverpool and England footballer, as those of a xenophobe or Little Englander. Instead, we should recognise that in rubbishing the suitability of foreigners to the England manager’s position, Carragher, one of the more thoughtful members of his tribe, raised the fundamental issue of what international sport should really be about.

Simply put, his argument was that international sport should be about the best of ours against the best of theirs. Because of that, Carragher feels that appointing Sven-Goren Eriksson or Fabio Capello is a form of ‘cheating’ because it masks an essential shortcoming of the English game, namely the inability to produce managers or leaders worthy of the name. To make up for that perceived shortcoming, the FA has simply written a cheque for £6m. Some remedy…….

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