Sri Lankans pay price for crisis management

Given the scandals that have enveloped the game since the veil was lifted on the activities of some players during the 1990s, it is only natural that when the word ‘corruption’ is uttered, attention falls on the cricketers themselves. Transparency International (TI), an organisation committed to challenging corruption worldwide, this week made an important contribution to broaden those misconceptions.

Cricket is not the kind of playing field that TI normally steps onto, but it was encouraged to do so partly by the wide-ranging nature of the consultation over the ICC’s governance review which closed last week. TI released a number of recommendations for the ICC to consider ahead of the publication of the review, the most important of which was to remind people that on-field corruption is just a small part- albeit the most damaging part- of the temptations that envelop the game as a whole…….

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