How star-crossed deal sank Test shoot-out

With every passing year, every U-turn, every shallow announcement and every compromise, it gets harder and harder to summon up the anger to do the International Cricket Council justice. That is how they get you in the end, of course, these organisations that seem to exist only to exist rather than to serve the game or to make it better. They press release you into submission.

The latest pronouncement came from Dubai, where Sri Lanka are currently engaging Pakistan. It concerned the World Test Championship (WTC), mooted for so long to be a goer for 2013 but no longer. With great solemnity and unable to disguise his ‘disappointment’, the chief-executive, Haroon Lorgat, admitted defeat: it will not be a possibility until 2017 now, and even then the odds on it happening would not have even the most hardened addict scurrying to the betting booth…….

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