Certainty in print masked Peter Roebuck’s troubled soul

First ‘Picca’, now ‘Rupert’; it has been a bad few weeks for those who played and followed English cricket in the 1980s. Peter Roebuck, singular, complex and tortured, could not have been more different from the genial, sociable and straightforward Graham Dilley- but then cricket dressing rooms have always opened their doors to humanity in all its wonderful and sometimes tragic complexity.

Roebuck’s suicide did not come as a complete shock. The circumstances that compelled it, at the moment, remain shrouded in mystery, but those who played with and then worked with Roebuck would have recognised a troubled, even tormented, soul. I was reminded on first hearing the news of Mike Brearley’s words, written recently on a different topic, that one can never take human appearances for granted. Scratch away the surface and all manner of peculiarities emerge…….

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