At last a home-spun side to be reet proud of

‘Beyond the Trent, up a bit, left-hand side. Cotton and coal and clogs and caps and chimneys and chippies and all the rest of it: people who speak as they find, but friendly with it, come in, sit down and have a cup of tea, love, life’s as hard as my vowels. Rains a lot, too.’

So begins Charles Nevin’s travelogue- bizarrely entitled ‘Where Women Die of Love’- through the county of his birth, Lancashire. It is a journey, to Blackpool, Liverpool, rugby league and the cotton lands in the north of the county, which all Lancastrians would recognise: the warmth, the whimsy and above all the gentle humour deemed essential, as he says, to survive the accident and accent of birth…….

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